Our Story

Emergo arose from our CEO’s vision to develop, advance, and improve business technology while making it easily accessible to SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises.)

“After working in the industry for ten years, I found it strange and frustrating how out of date the thinking was about EPOS, payment loyalty, and online ordering technology. The retailers’ working methods were out of date and based on lazy thinking. This enabled Emergo to think differently and create a suite of products that prioritise the customer experience incorporated with advanced technology.” Les Jeal, CEO.

We now work with many businesses in different sectors. We are still growing and empowering many businesses.

What we offer

At Emergo, we provide a new experience to SMEs. Our innovative, mobile, and fully integrated suite of four key products – online ordering, payment acceptance, EPOS software, and customer loyalty – is designed to help your business thrive. We offer our advanced technology at a low cost, allowing even the smallest business owner to afford it and grow their company.

Client customer support

We offer free support throughout your contract.

Simple & easy setup

We offer free onboarding, setup and training.

Affordable pricing

Our pricing is transparent, we have no hidden charges.

Friendly personnel

Access to our customer success team to help you with any queries.

Our Products

Smarter payments for your business

Our smart payment terminal comes with both WiFi and 4G connectivity allowing mobile payments anywhere. Designed to be better connected to work with your business needs.

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Affordable and portable EPOS till system

A forward-thinking device designed to do all the hard work for you, leaving you the time to focus your energy on the most important thing, your business.

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Go Digital, Get Orders, Go Eat

Create your dedicated ordering platform today! From sign up to store creation, get online and start selling to your customers today.

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No fuss contactless loyalty solution

Our Contactless Loyalty solution turns customer payment cards into loyalty cards.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide SMEs with transformative business technology at an affordable price. We aim to help businesses emerge from their competitors, increase efficiency, and transform their operations. 

When it comes to online ordering, serving, accepting payment, and rewarding customers, our technology will enable businesses to work smarter, faster, and transform their business. We strive to be a trustworthy and ethical company that goes above and beyond for our customers.

The businesses we serve

Many different businesses in various industries can benefit from our technology.  The industries we serve include;

  • Hospitality & Retail (Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes.)
  • Sports & Education (Football Clubs, Gyms, Universities.)
  • Health & Beauty (Hairdressers, Spas, Salons.)
  • Local Government (Libraries, Gift Shops.)
  • Leisure & Tourism (Theme Parks, Leisure Centres.)

Our timeline

Our Resources

Our resource centre is full of our work, and we have some great tips and hacks to help us grow our business. Check it out for yourself.